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140 & 150 West North Street, 1000 Hamilton Street JACKSON, MI 49202
8-246000000, 8-245800000, 8-243900000
42.259851 / -84.406866
Didier, Matt

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Property Location

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Property Progress

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CAs Associated with this Property

CA NameCA #StateTypeAnnouncement Year
Jackson CountyBF00E02885MIAssessment2020

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Assessment Activities at this Property

ActivityEPA FundingStart DateCompletion DateCAAccomplishment Counted?Counted When?
Phase II Environmental Assessment$19,103.2001/17/202203/04/2022Jackson CountyYFY22

Is Cleanup Necessary? Yes
EPA Assessment Funding: $19,103.20
Leveraged Funding:
Total Funding: $19,103.20

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Contaminants and Media

Petroleum Products
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
Petroleum Products
Building Materials
Ground Water
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up

Cleanup Activities

There are no current cleanup activities.

Cleanup/Treatment Implemented: N
Cleanup/Treatement Categories:
Addl Cleanup/Treatment info:
Address of Data Source:
Total ACRES Cleaned Up: 9.42
Number of Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
EPA Cleanup Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
Cost Share Funding:
Total Funding:

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Institutional and Engineering Controls

Cover Technologies (e.g., Capping) Engineered Barriers (e.g., Slurry Walls, Sheet) Other SSD system is in place
Vapor Mitigation System

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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

There are no current redevelopment activities.

Number of Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Actual Acreage of Greenspace Created:
Leveraged Funding:

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Additional Property Attributes

The subject property consists of three legal parcels occupying approximately 9.42 acres. The site is currently developed with two connected industrial buildings at the southwestern portion of the subject property. From the mid-1880s until the mid-1900s, the subject property was occupied by the Withington-Cooley Farm Tool Company at the western portion, residential purposes at the central portion, and wagon storage for various companies including Austin, Tomlinson, and Webster's Wagons and Michigan Wagon & Manufacturing Company. The central portion of the subject property was utilized for residential purposes from the mid-1880s until the mid-1900s.

The entire property was occupied by the Sparks Withington Company Plants No. 1 and 2 (later known as Sparton Corporation) from the mid-1900s until the late 1960s. By the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s, the subject property was occupied by Airmaster Fan company and various smaller
fan companies including Wolverine Fan Company, Autumaire Fan Company, Brundage Blowers, and Chelsea Fan & Blower.

Since the late 1990s, portions of the buildings have been leased to various industrial companies including Wulkan Precision Products, Composite Technologies, Doerken Corporation, Allied Chucker & Engineering, custom fabrication companies, Grand River Wood Work, Freed, Modern Tube, LLC, Lindsay Disposal, Walton Woods Woodwork, and Professional Tree Care. The property is currently owned by Commercial Exchange, Inc. The western building is unoccupied, and the eastern building is occupied by Modern Tube, LLC, Lindsay Disposal, Walton Woods Woodwork, Grand River Wood Work, and Professional Tree Care. The eastern parcel is currently utilized as a parking lot.
Industry (9.42)

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