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Unnamed Road Sells, AZ 85634
31.650033982 / -111.733541148
Garcia, Jose

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Property Location

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Property Progress

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CAs Associated with this Property

CA NameCA #StateTypeAnnouncement Year
Tohono O Odham NationRP00T54101AZSection 128(a) State/Tribal2010
Tohono O Odham NationRP96988301AZSection 128(a) State/Tribal2006

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Assessment Activities at this Property

ActivityEPA FundingStart DateCompletion DateCAAccomplishment Counted?Counted When?
Phase I Environmental Assessment$2,614.0004/23/200907/24/2009Tohono O Odham NationNFY14
Phase I Environmental Assessment$2,614.0004/23/200906/11/2009Tohono O Odham NationN
Phase II Environmental Assessment05/19/201408/14/2014Tohono O Odham NationN
Supplemental Assessment$7,318.0006/05/201306/07/2013Tohono O Odham NationN

Is Cleanup Necessary? Yes
EPA Assessment Funding: $12,546.00
Leveraged Funding: $25,566.00
Total Funding: $38,112.00

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Contaminants and Media

Petroleum Products
NOT Cleaned up
Surface Water
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up

Cleanup Activities

There are no current cleanup activities.

Cleanup/Treatment Implemented:
Cleanup/Treatement Categories:
Addl Cleanup/Treatment info:
Address of Data Source:
Total ACRES Cleaned Up: 8
Number of Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
EPA Cleanup Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
Cost Share Funding:
Total Funding:

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Institutional and Engineering Controls


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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

There are no current redevelopment activities.

Number of Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Actual Acreage of Greenspace Created:
Leveraged Funding:

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Additional Property Attributes

This abandoned irregular-shaped gravel pit was used for a highway-pavement asphalt-production project awarded in 1991. Blaze Construction was reported to have dumped petroleum waste oil & a powdered substance in the pit and also potentially buried 55 gallon drums of unknown substance at the pit and then covered it all. Geophysical Survey indicates numerous buried anomalies, which concurs with verbal reports. Reuse is slated for cattle grazing, greenspace use for local community members, &/or potential gravel pit being reopened for local use, upon buried hazards be removed.

Former Use: This abandoned gravel pit is located in the Baboquivari District of the Tohono O'odham Nation. Blaze Construction used the site in 1991 for asphalt production. In 1999 the US Attorney reached a plea agreement with Blaze Construction, who paid resitution to the Tohono O'odham Nation and the business was dissolved. The site is listed on the EDR database as a CERCLA site because of Preliminary Site Assessment Investigations. Ground Penetration Radar has been recommended to determine if there are buried drums at the site.
Enrolled: 06/11/2009

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