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Cleanups and Grants Listing Page

Use this page to get a listing of cleanups or grant areas in the geographic area you define.

Step 1 - Define your geographic area of interest.
Complete the boxes below from left to right, choosing options and entering names or numbers.
Expected format: MM/DD/YYYY
Expected format: MM/DD/YYYY

Step 2 – Choose your search type.
Choose a Basic or Advanced search for Cleanups, or the search option for Brownfields Grant Jurisdictions. You can click on each option to see what additional choices each search type provides.

Step 3 - Choose programs and/or other specific filters within your search type, and then click the "Apply" button.

Basic Filters

RLF: Revolving Loan Fund
NPL: National Priority List
CWA: Clean Water Act
OPA: Oil Pollution Act
RCRA: Resource Conservation & Recovery Act
BRAC: Base Realignment & Closure
CERCLA: Comprehensive Environmental
Response, Compensation, & Liability Act
UST: Underground Storage Tank

Response Type
Response Authority
Incident Category

Land Use
SPA Water Type
SPA Facility Type
WHPA Water Type
WHPA Facility Type

Advanced Filters

      Brownfields Properties
Hazardous Waste Corrective Actions
      Superfund NPL sites
      Superfund Non-NPL sites

Basic Categories

Institutional Controls
  Not Available

Engineering Controls
  Not Available
  Not Available
  Not Available

Environmental Controls
  Not Available

Grants Filters

Grant Status

RE-Powering Filters

- Click on the column header to sort in ascending or descending order.
- To directly view any profiles and reports available for a cleanup, click on the associated report(s) found in columns designated as “…Link”
- To see a map of a cleanup, click on the "Map It" link found in the "Map Site" column.
- To export /download the list of cleanups, click Actions (located below), then click Download and choose the report format.
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