EPA RCRA ID: MND006449474

EAGAN, MN  55122

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Cleanup Status

Note: The state is the lead agency for managing this facility. For more information about cleanup activities, visit the state’s web pageExit.

Cleanup Actions or environmental indicators characterizing the entire facility are shown below. It is not intended as an exhaustive list of milestones/activities. This listing, and all the data on this page, come from EPA’s RCRAInfo, which is updated by EPA, states, and tribes as they are able, and refreshed nightly to this page. For this table and the dynamic Cleanup Activities Pertaining to a Portion of the Facility table that follows, a blank in the Status column could mean the action either has not occurred or has not been reported to EPA in RCRAInfo.

Cleanup Activities Pertaining to the Entire Facility:

Action Status Date of Action
(CA 725) No, Not Controlled 09-30-1997
(CA 750) No, Not Controlled 09-30-1997
(CA400) Solution for Cleanup Selected 06-25-2009
(CA550) Remedy Constructed 12-28-2010
(CA800) Ready for Anticipated Use 06-29-2022
(CA999) Remedial Activities Completed 12-28-2010

For definitions of the terms used, hover over or click on the term.

CA Pertaining to a Portion of the Site Table

Cleanup Activities Pertaining to a Portion of the Facility:

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Facility Description

Link to a larger, interactive view of the map.

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Institutional and Engineering Controls at this Facility

Institutional and Engineering Controls help ensure human exposure and groundwater migration are under control at a cleanup facility. Where control types have been reported by states and EPA in EPA’s RCRAInfo, they are shown below. Not all control types are needed at all facilities, and some facilities do not require any controls. Where there are blanks, the control types may not be needed, may not be in place, or may not be reported in RCRAInfo.

Are Controls in Place at this Facility?

Control(s) Type Control(s) in Place? Area(s) Subject to Control(s)
(CA 772)
(CA 770)

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Enforcement and Compliance at this Facility

EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) provides detailed historical information about enforcement and compliance activities at each RCRA Corrective Action Site in their Enforcement and Compliance Historical Online (ECHO) system.

RCRA Enforcement and Compliance Reports from ECHO

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Related Information

For more information about this facility, see these other EPA links:

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Contacts for this Facility

Site Contacts:
State Contacts:
Regional Contacts: Jose Cisneros(Branch Chief of the Remediation Branch); Phone: 312-886-6945; Michael Beedle (Section Chief); Phone: 312-353-7922; Gregory Rudloff (Section Chief); Phone: 312-886-0455; Shilpa Patel (Section Supervisor); Phone: 312-886-0120

All of the states in EPA Region 5 are authorized to implement Corrective Action Programs. As of the end of Fiscal Year 2015, EPA Region 5 had 864 sites listed on the 2020 Corrective Action Baseline.

For further information on this corrective action site, use the Contact Information for Corrective Action Hazardous Waste Clean Ups listings that are accessible through Corrective Action Programs around the Nation.

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Date Last updated: Data on this page was last refreshed on 11/29/2023

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